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Integrating elearning into our programmes

Year level - Secondary
Cluster Type - Traditional ICT PD Cluster

Context - Cluster progress towards achieving Goal 3

National Goal
Teachers to integrate e-learning effectively into their practice creating an innovative and exciting learning environment for all students

Cluster Goals 

  • Teachers will include an element of e-learning in the planning of and delivery of teaching units.
  • Lessons will offer an opportunity for co-construction of the learning
  • To have every teacher share a goal with a peer that includes a strategy(s) for developing an engaging  learning environment.
  • To provide opportunities for teachers to be a participant in a class as an observer learner.


The focus for this milestone period has been for lead teachers and teachers who attended the Learning@School conference to lead this.


If teachers throughout the school have the opportunity to see other teachers in action and the results of what they have done or experienced will lead to more confidence in trying new ideas leading to innovative and exciting learning environments.  With access to technology often being an issue in secondary learning environments we were also reinforcing the idea that innovation and excitement do not always have to involve technology.

What did we do?

  • Lead facilitator visited schools and introduced new goals with a cluster morning tea
  • Facilitator visits to schools working with small groups and individuals
  • Lead teachers within schools working alongside teachers as adapt programmes
  • Spotlight meetings at full staff and departmental/faculty level highlighting innovation and exciting learning
  • Staff development opportunities developed within schools
  • Peer teachers were identified
  • Observations began.

What happened?

  • Simon Mitchell from William Colenso talks about he has adapted his teaching with one of his classes to cater for the range of learning styles. What us interesting is that in one of his classes he is actually using less technology than he would have expected.
  • Simon Mitchell Interview
  • Jo Jowett-Morrell  shares how she is finding Ultranet useful and an example of how she has used ICT with an English class at Sacred Heart


  • Johnny Matthews from Karamu reflects on some changes he has made to his teaching.


What did we learn?

  • One interesting aspect from all of this is that we have found a number of teachers who would not be seen as innovative and exciting but have their students tear after year achieve great exam results therefore students are wanting to be in their classes.
  • Teachers are becoming more confident in trying new things
  • The things we are attempting do not need to take over lessons and initially be a very small component of a lesson
  • Feedback vehicles for students are appreciated
  • Rebranding of lessons has been a very valuable thing to try
  • Involving students in the learning is rewarding
  • The eLearning component of lessons has the tendency to reach students who are not always motivated
  • Students live learning management systems that are well utilised


Next Steps:

  • Have more of our teachers doing the observation lessons
  • More teachers sharing their innovations and exciting learning stories
  • Increase the opportunities for teachers to participate in collaborative learning
  • Undertake cross school observations


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