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test resource two

What did we do? Who was involved? What was the outcome?
1 Moodle and Students presentation to prospective parents Project Director, Year 8 Parents, Parents Senior Management Transfer of information regarding the direction that ICT is heading in at Burnside. Correspondence from parents and caregivers. Contact with wider school comunity.
2 e-Portfolio Trip: investigating the practical application of eportfolios and online learning Project Director, Facilitator (pedagogy focus) PD day in Auckland. Implementation of PD from lead school best practice. Transfer of knowledge into development classrooms
3 Blackboard learning. Maths software over the net approach Project Director, Network Manager, University of Canterbury, Pedagogy Facilitatior, Specialist Classroom Teacher Investigation and research into best methods for online tutorial learning. (Focus Maths)
4 Generic Technology course. New curriculum new choices for students that are it based and cross curricular in approach. Tech course links with university HOD Digital Technologies, Senior Management, Curriculum Committee. University of Canterbury TENZ (Technology Education NZ) Broader development of ICT Integrated courses at High School Linking courses in Technology to wider education providers. Links to wider community (funding and support)
5 GCSN participation in the group and Burnside involvement writing of it resources and PD. Scholarship Group Presentation Science, Social Sciences and Maths Departments. Scholarship Groups. 15 Teachers to South Learning Center Development of Resources for the larger target group. Setup and delivery of VC Scholarship classes. Scholarship discussion with NZQA markers
6 NEN- feedback on participation in the trial. Project Director, Geoff Allen Feedback and advice on usage and development of NEN.
7 Scholarship and Video Conference units via GCSN Project Director, Senior Management, Avonside, GCSN selected teachers Successful setup and trial of VC Unit. Test Runs. Trail with other school with Internet Safety PD
8 PD sessions. version a range of micro PD sessions focusing on a range of skills from educational to enjoyment. All Departments (voluntary options) 70 Teachers PD on a range of outcomes allowing staff to:
  1. Video Edit
  2. Use eTV
  3. Google Docs
  4. Surveying online
  5. Photoshop
9 KAMAR/MUSAC presentations Several Sessions. Academic, Financial, Pastoral etc, Senior Mangement 30 Teachers + Reps from wide representation from School Access to advanced features that allow easier integration with LMS and provide other opportunities such as parent portals and surveys.
10 Department PD future via chris ELA group and learning that targets specific needs across those target groups. Learning Area Representatives, Teachers from different areas. (~50 Staff) ELA representatives build up advanced knowledge feeds back into department groups. PD sessions are run weekly or fortnightly and provide PD and answers to a range of needs as course development happens
11 Moodle Blog tracking pedagogy focused and staff information All Staff (open Blog) Staff can read progress and updates from Chris TEXT REMOVED HERE
12 ICTPD Presentations to staff Hods and Hofs Lead Facilitator, HODs and HOFs 25 Staff and (Senior Mangement) Update from Chris on Progressions to date and successful implementation of MOODLE
13 ULearn and Learning at Schools Focus on BYOD, authentic learning and Moodle development and future trends Lead Facilitator, ICPD Leaders Feedback of updates and implementation strategies for BYOD and laptop classrooms.
14 ELA Development include minutes Survey and Information. ELA Group Department: Mathematics, Art, Maths, Physical Education, Drama, Science, Applied Technology, Social Studies, English, Languages follow link: TEXT REMOVED HERE
15 ITPG focusing on Learning refer to educase (Planning) All Staff Budgetting for IT Equipment and linking to outcomes and PD requirments. TEXT REMOVED HERE
16 Graphics - Laptop Trial in different Learning Areas. Cabinet Based Lead Graphics Teacher Portability and integration of computers to the students. (and highlights the need of the virtual desktop trial.)
17 Wireless printing. Important that it complements the ICT developments. All Staff All Students It's the whole picture of it that's important, it's the total services on offer, not just good parts of the system. These additional components are the glue that makes the system workable and efficient. The minor components are required to make the system workable and avoid the bottlenecks.
18 Moodle pages growth get the stats. Link to presentations to staff and hods/hofs All Staff All Students Wider Community Current Usage (records) Displaying 1,053,944 records
19 Core breakfast Paul Rodley. Senior Management Technical staff Project Director ICPD Leader Range of new web tools for using Placement of School in comparison with a lead school (Lead onto Cluster meeting)
20 Merrin School, Girls High School, Manurewa High School, ICTPD Cluster, GCSN visit links to feeder schools and wider. Project Director Schools Schoolsand Burnside are investigating IT Systems to enable improved links between the transition to secondary.
21 Wakatipu and Mt. Aspiring schools visit Project Director Online Learning, Moodle Classes, Google Docs in the classroom. VC Content delivery OtagoNET
22 Auckland Trip KAMAR Senior Management Technical department Investigation into SMS integration at similar sized schools. Wider community sharing and collaboration
23 Auckland schools Visit Project Director, Lead Facilitator Investigation into BYOD in practice.
24 ICTPD courses 1. Video editing and etv 2. Portable devices in classroom 3. Advanced Moodle Sessions 4. ICT basic skills 5. Differentiation in the classroom 6. Improving girls education 7. Saving time on the internet 8. Te Kohahitanga Effective Teaching Profile All Staff Repeat Sessions Individual Staff Reiteration and evidence of application of skills, Moodle and eTV that will rotate and change depending on the PD needs required. This initiative starts with the resumption of school Staff meetings and is building on the ICTPD platform. TEXT REMOVED HERE
25 Investigating NetBooks Trial Feedback from Netbooks ongoing process to get data on usages and needs of staff in the classrooms using the technology. All Staff Netbook usage has increased in all rooms and learning is evolving. Surveys are carried out to improve implementation and integration. TEXT REMOVED HERE
26 iPods released and repaired Lead Technician (AV) Fixing broken Ipods internally. I have added this because as we use portable devices we will have a number of problems with them. Part of the full integration of IT is being able to fix them.
27 School Wireless and Internet connection Investigation into other schools wireless states. AND Release of School Wide Student Accessible Wireless for their own devices and school provided devices All Staff and Students Other school responses <a href="https://docs.google.com/a/burnside.school.nz/spr