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Fairfield Book Club

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Single school


Fairfield Book Club wiki – students to share their passion for reading by writing book reviews and sharing to a wider audience.


To move the existing book club to an online space to enable students to use a range of multi-media tools to review their books.

To get students reading and sharing; using literacy tools to improve summarising texts, writing well and exploring different genres for both writing and reading.  Creating communities of learners within the school to share their passions. 

In the future, to encourage the students to use multi-media tools,  to share ideas through video and audio using tools such as http://vocaroo.com http://audioboo.fm http://audacity.sourceforge.com http://youtube.com http://vimeo.com http://blip.tv http://edu.glogster.com

Fostering student leadership through the self-management of the online resources created (i.e. a ‘lead’ students / editor who will manage the wiki).


So far we have identified a core group of students to create initial content and introduced this resource and content to Year 9 and 10 students via the classroom and English Department.  Students meet every three weeks, having read a book and written a review.  They then upload the reviews into the wiki.  Students are encouraged to use the ‘discussion’ tab to start conversations and debates around the relative merits of the books being reviewed.

Impact on students/ teachers/whanau

Feedback from the students has been positive.  There is wide support from teachers.  As this resource develops, we will introduce this to caregivers and whanau.

Links to classroom practice