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Wellington Loop - Reflective Summary Milestone 3

Wellington Loop
Second year of cluster
Regional cluster
Context: Lead teachers, Loop trustees/principals, attendees of conference/professional development.


Currently our reflection is a work in progress, partly due to a change in facilitators and partly due to joining the cluster only halfway through 2010.  We are just beginning our second calendar year with the Loop and the change in facilitators means that this process is just beginning to be formalised.

We are using on-going formative evaluative processes which are linked to the programme outcomes.  These include implementation and process evaluation, looking at the effectiveness of delivery and examining the process of delivery.  With the former we are looking at how the programme should be delivered and how well it is delivered; with the latter, we should also be examining alternatives to delivery.  On-going evaluation is in-built, exploring the outcomes and demonstrable effects of our actions.

However, we are still in the process of designing our method of evaluation. Some of the methods we are already employing are these:

  1. Google Group used for reflections (members would like this to remain private)
  2. End of year feedback from lead teachers
  3. Spreadsheets for recording reflections from conference
  4. Individual blogs
  5. Feedback opportunities at schools, at e-lead teachers meetings, at steering group meetings
  6. Emails about individual presenters
  7. Loop steering group meeting, ICT PD slot - trustees are able to evaluate recent presentations and speakers.
  8. Wine and pedagogy sessions – pedagogical idea presented and then time allowed for reflection on putting into practice and the intended classroom outcomes.

Reflective practice
Our reflections are often verbal and informal, consisting of conversations with participants during and after the events.  There is one formal mechanism put in place across the cluster in order to record reflections and discuss the changes on classroom practice (Google Group), but we would like to expand this. 

Wellington Loop

Wellington Loop

The Wellington Loop is a learning community of schools connected by high speed optic fibre cable.