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Cone Up, Cone Down - a random game just for a laugh

Cone Up, Cone Down

Set out cones in a rectangle area so that there is one cone for each student. Put half of the cones lying down and half standing up. Split the class into 2 teams – Team 1 puts them up, Team 2 knocks them over.

 Play for 3 minutes and count the number of cones up or down to work out a winner.

 Let the teams discuss strategy and then replay.

 What strategies worked well?

Each player follows someone from the other team

Allocate zones for each player to take care of

Allocate colour of cones to different team members

 What would happen if one team member didn’t do their job?


  • Steven Wills

    I like playing this with the low flexible cones. Rather than knocking them over which sounds too easy they must place them upside down. Incredible butt workout!

  • Tim Morgan

    Good point - i usually insist on placing the cones but chaos is always a good way to begin.