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Reflection for North Westland Cluster


The North Westland Cluster consists of 5 schools ranging from sole charge to 7 teachers, covering levels from year 0-6 with St Marys incorporating Year 7-8. Our schools are scattered over a 30 km diameter on the isolated West Coast of the South Island.


2011 Plan

Our intention this year is to create sustainability beyond the contract within all schools. The main way we see this happening is affecting policy change at school level to ensure ongoing use of ICT in classrooms and professional development is considered an essential part of teaching and learning for staff and students.

Community and Family Involvement

All schools are communicating with parents using Web 2 tools and are working on making this a 2 way form of communication. Our intentions are to encourage family and whanau to actively participate in their child's learning through these pathways (culverts). The use of websites and blogs has allowed a wider community involvement increasing students engagement and enthusiasm.

We want students to be provided with a wide range of appropriate ICT tools and experiences to enable them to become successful digital citizens. As well as up skilling our staff, parents and children we are fostering independence and encouraging them to become self regulated learners.

Here is Kaniere Schools reflection on our goals so far.