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Creating Podcasts (Guided Reading) CCC Cluster

Year level: Year 4/5

Context: Creating pod casts as a follow up activity to guided reading lessons. 



During Term One, Kowhai, my Year 4/5 class, created pod casts about recent books that the children had read. As part of the Connecting Canterbury Communities ICT Cluster, teachers need to have planned the first cycle of a Teaching as Inquiry Plan. This activity was a part of my plan for the term.  As part of this, my goals were to: encourage the children to become confident in speaking, to invite family and whänau to be involved in students’ learning and to use e-learning to make connections, enter and explore new learning environments. 


The intention of this plan was to create a fun activity that incorporated literacy and be something I could use as an example of learning that could shared with parents on the school’s Ultranet site. I decided that creating podcasts as a follow up activity to a guided reading lesson would be a great way to do this. With support from Howard Pettigrew (our school’s ICT technician) in creating these, small groups of children wrote an interview with a peer about a story that the students had read that week. These interviews were practised aloud and then they were recorded using Garageband. These were then shared with the whole class as a celebration of their learning.  The students were so proud of what they had achieved that they were very positive about sharing them with their families too. Some of their comments from personal reflections written afterwards were:

“The best thing about the podcast is probably reading the story (into the laptop). The next thing I would like to is to make some music (using Garageband).” (Brandon)


“I loved doing my podcast and so did my mum and dad (loved his work) on Ultranet.. I loved recording myself and hearing it replay and I love telling people that I can do podcasts... The next thing I would like to do in Garageband is to make some music.” (Thomas)

Once we had created the podcasts during class, I decided that I wanted to find a way to present them in an exciting way on Ultranet so that the children in the room would enthusiastically share their work with their families and that they would be easy to find.  I took the podcasts and uploaded them into a Glogster page. This enabled me to embed the HTML code from there, straight into our class’ Ultranet page and still keep them visually exciting, however this presented a challenge as I wanted the parents to be able to comment on the children’s work.  To solve this problem, I created a discussion on the podcasts asking for comments from parents. I then showed the children where to access this discussion. A few parents logged on using their child’s details and left a comment. 

“It was so fun learning how to use Garageband and writing the scripts...the next week Miss Sutherland put them online. So I went home and showed mum. She thought it was funny and I was really proud of me and Chantal. Miss Sutherland said that we used lots of expression and fluency...” (Saffron)


Next time I would like to involve more parents in using Ultranet.  To encourage the parents to participate in the online environment this term, Term Two, I have uploaded the class newsletter to the site and my students now have the opportunity to complete their homework on Ultranet also. So far, this has had a positive effect on the participation of families in the exploration of our new learning environment. The parents will also be receiving their own usernames and passwords soon. Their accounts will be linked to their children’s classrooms and they will be more able to share in their children’s learnin

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My Teaching as Inquiry plan