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ICTPD 2011 - Milestone 3: Netbook Teachers' Feedback

In 2011 17 classes across 6 schools have had the opportunity to pioneer a 1:1 learning and teaching environment in their classrooms. For most this was a first and was both exciting and nerve-wracking. Particularly because this is the first time students from Decile 1a communities have been involved with a project like this and there is no specific documentation or research to inform our decisions.

There are philanthrophic projects around the world where disadvantaged learners are donated 1:1 devices (eg OLPC- One Laptop Per Child), but the Manaiakalani Project is about student and whanau ownership of the device.  So as well as changing our pedagogy, we have had to support one of New Zealand's most financially fragile communities through the process of investing in a (relatively) expensive piece of technology.

There is so much we could share from our experience to date, but we have chosen for this resource to limit it to teacher feedback from the netbook classes.

We have taken the approach used by the state of Maine in the USA (a decade ahead of us in the implementation of 1:1) and twice a term we ask our netbook class teachers these questions:


  1. What is working in my netbook class?
  2. What is not working in my Netbook class?
  3. How have I problem solved?
  4. What would I like help with?
We have two meetings per term after school with an attendance of 20-25 teachers - yes, that is more than the number of classes, some extra teachers choose to attend to keep abrest of what we are learning.
Teachers have an online form to complete in advance and they have further opportunity to contribute feedback at the meetings.
In this resource we would like to share the development of the teacher feedback over time as their experience as 1:1 teachers develops. The links below take you directly to the website where these comments are recorded.






  • dorothyjburt

    This is a Year 10 class at Tamaki College in their first week of using their own netbook.

    They are using blended learning in their Social Studies class.




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