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Extending the Reach - Kapiti Collaborative Working Parties

Title: Kapiti Collaborative – Extending the Reach

Year level: Primary and Secondary

Cluster type: Regional ICTPD cluster

National Goal 3: Strengthen professional learning communities and increase collaboration across the regional cluster schools.


The establishment of working parties comprising representatives from ten primary and two secondary Kapiti Coast schools working collaboratively to improve the quality of teaching and raise achievement of the students on the Kapiti Coast.


To address KC Programme Goals:

  • develop evidence based learning communities both within schools and with the Kapiti Collective as a whole.
  • gather and use assessment information effectively to raise achievement within schools and across the Kapiti Collective.
  • enhance hardware and software accessibility and capability across the KC.


Teacher/Principal voice and the reflections of the management team at the end of 2010 determined the need for a mechanism to extend the reach of the KC to involve more than just lead teachers in the activities of the KC.

It was noted that:

  • Lead Team days in 2010 were well attended
  • Thirsty Thursday keynotes were drawing reasonable numbers of teachers

The management team felt there was still a need for another way of covering more areas of interest during 2011. This would engender more cross-talk across schools and sectors with the sharing of best practice and ideas about teaching and learning.

A working party http://okc.spikeatschool.co.nz/1/file_sets/53-lead-team-materials-2010 was convened during term three of 2010 as the need arose to determine what information was most useful to Year 9 teachers as the Year 8 students moved on to secondary school. This working party had a clear brief and there was interest from all the schools (ten primary and two secondary) to be represented on this group. The group met a number of times and identified what the Year 8 teachers knew about their students, what the Year 9 teachers wanted to know and how they could transfer that information most effectively and efficiently.

Due to the success of the way this group worked i.e with a clear brief; and a manageable number of enthusiastic, motivated teachers representing each school, it was decided to initiate a series of working parties around the aspects that the KCV was most interested in developing.

The table below identifies the working parties that have been developed and their purpose.

Working Party



Achievement and Pedagogy

Further analysis of Mathematics PAT data and inquiry into what other data reveals about the state of Mathematics progress and achievement. Identification of Mathematics PLD needs.

Cohort Tracking


Tracking a cohort from Year 6 through to Year 10 (2011 – 2015). This will include teachers from each school meeting to discuss the assessment data in Reading, writing and Mathematics. Sharing profiles, discussing trends, issues, barrier, moderation – communicating to next year’s teachers. Year 9 teachers involved when students in Year 7.




Identifying ICT elements for development e.g. wiki, blog, ning, use of video, social networks. Showcasing of teacher and student work. Moodle development. VLN reflections.

Assessment Capability


Developing capability in the selection of appropriate assessment tools, administration of assessments, analysis and interpretation of data.

Transition Year 8/9

Developing processes for effective transfer of useful assessment information between Years8/9.


Years 1-3

Developing processes for effective assessment in Year 1-3

 In term one, Expressions of Interest were called for via the KC website. http://okc.spikeatschool.co.nz/1/pages/1-welcome

From the numbers that came in from this process it was decided to combine the Mathematics Achievement and Pedagogy group with Assessment Capability to become Assessment/Mathematics Pedagogy; and the Cohort Tracking and Transition groups.

Impact on students/teachers/whanau:

To date three of the five groups are well underway and the other two are on the way to having their first meetings this term. The Assessment/Mathematics Pedagogy working party has established a blog on the KC website as another mechanism to try and involve more teachers in having a place to voice their opinions and thoughts. http://okc.spikeatschool.co.nz/1/blogs/2-assessment-mathematics-pedagogy

A closed group on the VLN has also been set up as a repository for documents and resources we may develop and use. /pg/groups/53733/kc-assessmentmathematics-pedagogy-working-party/

Where to from here:

Each of these groups is being led initially by one of the KC Management Team and it is envisaged that one of the members will take over this responsibility.

Each group has a brief and a follow-up template for reporting back to the management team from their meetings. In term four a day has been scheduled for each working party to present a summary of their outcomes at a Principal/Lead Team day.