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Developing/Establishing our Professional Learning Groups (PLG)

What was important for us?

To develop subject specific learning groups where educators could come together to share and learn ICT based tools relevant to their specialist area.

Why was this important?

When looking at our baseline data collected when we established our ICT Cluster it was apparent that the
integration of ICT in our classroom environments was inconsistent. By getting together teachers who were teaching in similar curriculum areas this was seen as a great vehicle for sharing and learning new ideas, and ways of embedding ICT into pedagogical practice.


What did we do?

We scheduled a series of Professional development opportunities for faculty areas. 
Each of these days was designed collaboratively to meet the needs of the specific group of teachers who were meeting. (We used our wiki to collect ideas and plan each day in a collaborative way -


What happened, as a result?


The first of these days have been held and it was exciting to see the sharing of ideas and the way each of the teachers engaged in the ICT tools that were discussed. Teachers have been equipped with a variety of technology ideas and tools to implement into their teaching practice.

Each of these days has documented the ideas/tools that teachers can return to when they need to – we felt this was important so that teachers have somewhere to refer to when they have time. (http://mrmict.wikispaces.com/Science+PLC+Tech+Day+2011,


What are our next steps?

  • Continue to run the remainder of these PD days.
  • Ensure the sustainability and embedding of ideas/tools into teacher’s pedagogical approach, by having good support systems within each of our cluster schools.
  • The in school lead teachers will follow up the teachers to access need.

Who are we? The MRM ICT PD Cluster comprises Mountainview High School, Roncalli College and Mt Hutt College.
Where: South Canterbury ICT-PD Cohort: 2010

MRM Cluster

MRM Cluster

ICT PD Cluster of Mt Hutt College, Mountainview High School and Roncalli College