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Reflective Summary: Chilton Saint James School

The reflective summary for Chilton Saint James School concerning the implementation of an Online Learning Environment (in particular Moodle 2.0) for our school. The presentation is a prezi presentation (http://www.prezi.com) using Youtube videos to illustrate the usefulness of Moodle, and contains a Moodel 2.0 logo as well (accessible from http://www.moodle.org)

Click on the external link below and then once you get to the prezi website, feel free to use the "full screen" link (under "More" below the prezi) and then use the Next / triangle button to scroll through the presentation.  Have fun!


  • Jo Wilson

    Hi Cornel

    Thank you for this informative reflection about introducing Moodle. Love the use of prezi!

    I wonder if you could also provide some information about why Chilton St James decided to use Moodle? eg the advantages over other online learning environments