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Halcombe School's Student ICT Conference

Cluster Goal 1

Students are capable, creative and ethical users of ICT who use critical thinking to participate in a range of authentic learning experiences.

Cluster Goal 2

Strong leadership of eLearning

The context

On 7 December 2010 the Year 4 - 8 students at Halcombe School enjoyed their very own ICT Conference.  The day started with a keynote speech by Ben, a Year 8 student who spoke about the importance of digital technology in today's world. Four workshops followed, with each being facilitated by 2 senior students.

The focus

To share ICT knowledge and skills through practical workshops, develop leaders and enjoy learning through ICT,

The Rationale

To empower senior students to share their knowledge and skills with others.

What did we do?

Our two estudents and several other capable senior students started planning the conference about a month before the date.  We thought it would be an exciting way to end the first year of our involvement with the Te Apiti Cluster and also pass on the skills our senior students had developed, to younger students.  We didn't want the knowledge and skills these students had to leave with them at the end of their final Year 8 with us.  During the lead up to the conference, students planned their sessions, made sure the appropriate software was installed and upskilled themselves.  We talked about facilitation and presenting skills.  The students prepared Powerpoint presentations to introduce their workshops and prepared their Conference brochures.

What happened?

  • All teachers in the school were released for the day, whether their children were involved or not.  This added value to the work the children had done in preparing for the Conference and also let the children see that their teachers are learners too.
  • The 3 senior classes were split in to 4 groups of about 17.  The groups rotated round various ‘workshops' prepared by the students.  At each workshop, there was an introductory talk about the workshop and the skills they would be learning and practicing. The emphasis was on ‘hands-on' learning.  Children worked in pairs in each room (9 computers per room).
  • The student leaders had set really clear Learning Intentions and Success Criteria for their sessions, so the students knew exactly what to do.  Student Leaders helped individuals during the ‘hands-on' part.
  • Senior students who were not involved in presenting workshops, prepared the Conference lunch in the Hall. Everyone enjoyed the sausage rolls, savouries, cheerios, sandwiches, lolly cake, apples and fizzy drinks. 

What did we learn? 

We learnt that we are all learners.  Teachers sat with the students, took notes and participated alongside the students.

The workshops were well organised and interesting, with time to learn and create.   The facilitators were knowledgeable and confident.  It was an enjoyable and valuable day all round!