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Strong leadership of eLearning

National Goal 2

Principals to lead the integration of e-learning in their schools (strategic and operational)

The focus

Cluster Goal 2

Strong leadership of elearning

The rationale

  • To extending the number and capability of leaders at all levels through a deliberate leadership programme that capitalises on the existing collaboration;
  • Enhanced ability by leaders to drive change through planning, facilitation and the inquiry cycle
  • School develop challenging, robust eLearning goals and plans that pave the way for further improvement;

What did we do?

eLearning leadership is being developed across the Te Apiti ICT Cluster.  Initiatives and strategies include:

  • Each school has written a 2011 eLearning action plan which shows each schools goals based on the national and cluster goals
  • Principals' Management Meetings - discussion and Principal's Spotlight Sharing 
  • ICT Lead teacher workshops - Carol Lynch leadership workshops (9 -11 am, with 8 sessions during 2011)  During these workshops ICT Lead Teachers focus on elearning leadership strategies, discuss related readings and complete a leadership inquiry.
  • Teaching as Inquiry  - In our cluster schools the leaders have plan the TAI framework, reflective structures, mentoring timetable and presenting forums  (team, staff meeting, Principal or BOT).  They are leading collegial discussions, evaluation and reflection practices.
  • Facilitation of workshops within schools (e.g. School's  'Just in Time Sessions'(eSnaps, Techie Breckies) and North Street School's Techsperts
  • Principals supporting the development of eLearning through purchase of equipment and their support of the development of an ICT culture (e.g PD from Stuart Hale, use of a Learning Management System, online resources.)
  • eShare - school leaders and teachers facilitating group discussion
  • eStudents - student leaders modelling new applications and facilitating learning workshops in their schools.

Te Apiti ICT Cluster leaders talk about their elearning leadership