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Development of Digital Citizenship

National Goal 1

Students to become successful digital citizens

The focus

Cluster Goal 1

Students are capable, creative and ethical users of ICT who use critical thinking to participate in a range of authentic learning experiences.

The rationale

All the Te Apiti ICT Cluster goals for 2011 are woven around and through the theme of creativity.  Digital citizenship is being developed through many cluster initiatives with some schools/classes having a digital citizenship focus for a term (e.g. copyright, creative commons, website validation, avatar representations, posting online.)

What did we do?

Net safety

As part of our ICT Lead Teacher programme, school policies were reviewed last year. All schools have acceptable use agreements in place that are signed by parents and students. 

  • Riverdale School also has ‘Internet Licenses' allowing supervised or unsupervised Internet access.
  • During an ICT Lead Teacher workshop we unpacked digital citizenship  and discussed teaching ideas  
  • Schools are teaching netsafety as part of orientation and ‘keeping ourselves safe' inquiries.  Net safety resources and links are available on the Te Apiti web portal
  • School leaders are developing their understandings about net safety, digital citizenship and the teaching of digital literacy 

The Manawatu Digi Awards

This is a new initiative conceived at the end of 2010 by David Reardon and Lyn Ross with inspiration from the East Coast 'Nati Awards'.  Supported by the Manawatu Principals’ Association, the organising team consists of six Palmerston North school principals and Lyn Ross.  Participation will:

  • Enhance students' creativity and digital citizenship.
  • Inspire teachers to further develop their ability to integrate e-learning effectively into their practice
  • Create innovative and exciting learning environments using a range of technologies and multimedia
  • Provide opportunities for students, their families, whanau and friends to share and celebrate eLearning excellence

Teachers are able to view the Manawatu Digi Awards wiki for information about categories, entry and judging criteria.
A wine and cheese information afternoon was held at Ross Intermediate on 14 April 2011.  Leaders and teachers from all over the Manawatu attended this event, with the concept of an eLearning competition and red carpet awards evening in the Regent Theatre being well received. The Manawatu Digi Awards will be a focus for all the Te Apiti Cluster Schools during 2011, with all our schools submitting entries in the various categories.

Just in Time Sessions

ICT Lead Teachers and schools’ ICT committees are providing just in time help in their own schools (Roslyn School ‘eSnaps’ and Ashhurst School ‘Techie Breckies) and 'Just in Time' (North Street School.)



Students’ eLearning and leadership skills are developed through eStudent workshops (6 during 2011)  Students take the ideas back to their school and develop the skills of students and teachers in a variety of structured ways based on learning gained from eStudent workshops: North Street School ‘Techsperts; Halcombe School ‘Students’ ICT Conference’ 


Lauren Rits (ICT Lead Teacher) and Debra Peck (Principal) talk about developing eLearning literacies at Riverdale School



James Rea (Deputy Principal) talks about developing digital citizens at Russell Street School