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Teaching as Inquiry - Goal setting and strategies

This video was put together by the lead teachers of the Malvern ICTPD cluster.

It is designed to show the process the cluster teachers have gone through so far in setting up their own "Teaching as Inquiry" plans to implement in term 2.

This video outlines Identifying needs, setting goals and setting strategies to help all cluster teachers integrate e-learning into their teaching.

Steps leading up to this planning.

  1. Cluster teachers attended a practicum to look at Collaborating using online tools. Digital citizenship and cybersafety were outlined as concerns by all cluster schools.
  2. The practicum focused on how teachers could approach these issues using two online tools, Voicethread (www.voicethread.com) and Wallwisher (www.wallwisher.com).
  3. The teachers also had a referesher on SOLO Taxonomy and how it can be used to enhance higher order thinking with their students.

The teachers were asked to combine all of this into a Teaching as Inquiry plan to help them implement these new ideas and technologies in Term 2.




  • Tessa Gray

    Hi Danny and the Malvern ICTPD Cluster, I have thoroughly enjoyed viewing your video - as a digital story of your teachers' journey into professional inquiry. No doubt this will prove to be a great indicator of progress, as teachers work through this action/inquiry months later. What a great way to use video technology to teach and inspire others! 

    What spoke to me most? Clear goals, defined strategies and action to trial e-learning tools and processes through the use of a reflective tool (SOLO) with considerations for future steps. I have also particularly enjoyed listening to the teachers talk about how the tools can meet their intended learning goals, rather than solely focusing on the tools themselves.

    Your teachers might also be interested in evolving conversations about professional learning and the use of technology @ /pg/groups/53311/elearning-professional-learning/ and /pg/groups/53310/elearning-technology/