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Digital Citizenship Contract and Resources


  • Chrissie Butler

    Hi Claire. Had a quick squizz. Looking good. Wondered whether you had seen Mike Ribble's work on the Nine Elements of Digital Citizenship? Alongside the elements of safety, etiquette and the law, he also includes the areas of Digital Access and Digital Commerce. Worth a look if it's unfamiliar.

    Thanks for your ongoing sharing of the work at EGGS.

  • Jane Whyte

    Thanks Clare for sharing your resources. It has given me food for thought for our tutor group time

    thanks again


  • Gary S

    Wow Claire that's the most comprehensive digital citzenship policy I've seen so far.

    We have a brief outdated cyber/safety thing we send home for the children to sign with their parents. It needs reworking.

    What process did you go through to get it from rough ideas to policy and then I guess to become culture in your school?

  • Vicki Hagenaars

    Thanks Claire.  

    I know this is from your previous school and am wondering what you have in place where you are now??  What, if any, changes were made?  

    We are finally going wireless (yes, but we were one of the first to be snupped - turns out it has a down side!) and wish to follow this reasonably quickly with BYOD.  Trying to get our ducks in a row relatively quickly.