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Piri Piri School's Reflections

Piri Piri is a Decile 4, rural school was 13 students.

The focus was for students, staff and community members to share and reflect on the progress made in the

use of ICT at Piri Piri School.

The rationale was that we wanted all stakeholders to be a part of reflecting about our progress.

What did we do ?

We used the ICT professional learning areas for students to brainstorm what progress we have made. The same was completed with staff and community members. From this, students made decisions about the important things that they wished to share. Roles and responsibilities were assigned to different groups and individual, scripts and storyboards were planned and recorded. Once recorded, students reflected on and made improvements to movie. The movie was shown to principals and lead teachers within the cluster. Skyping offered an opportunity for students and the teaching principal to explain their thinking and answer questions.

What happened?

Student and staff's ideas were similar. The ideas highlighted by students were an insight to their thinking. Some ideas from the students and community were not identified by staff. Students were able to reflect readily on our school's progress.

What did you learn?

This is a good way to show interested stakeholders what your school is about. It gives students a real voice about their school and their learning.

Next steps?

Integrate this into other curriculum review so all important stakeholders are part of this review.

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