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How to upload an ICT PD online reflective summary

This area provides some support to clusters on how to upload their online professional summaries into the VLN. 

The following video has also been prepared to provide some further assistance on how to upload your reflective summaries to the VLN . If you have any other queries, please don't hesitate to contact Tessa Gray.

Uploading reflective summary online from Enabling e-Learning on Vimeo.

All other information on how to upload your reflective summaries can be found here or in ICT PD Online resources

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  • JMKellow

    Thanks for this Tessa, was excellent, very clear and easy to understand.

  • Tessa Gray

    Awesome Jan-Marie, I'm glad we could help.

    I think it's great people can now share their 'good news' stories - beyond the traditional milestone reports. I can't wait to read and enjoy the gems. Smile

  • Andrea van Tol

    School Reflective Summary

    The biggest shift we have
    made at Hauturu School is realising the importance of the use of ICT for
    educational purposes as a whole school community.

    We now use wikispaces,
    BlogSpot’s and online e-learning programmes suitable and relevant to individual
    student learning. Our Inquiry units now integrate the use of ICT within
    planning and are levelled across the school.

    Students are becoming more
    capable and reflective learners as they use communicative online tools to report
    to the wider world on their learning.

    We are currently investigating
    lease to buy options or (BYOD) for families in our school community so that
    every child at our school has an ICT tool to use for reading, researching and







    The ICT PD and cluster meetings have been invaluable for
    sharing ideas and reflecting what works and what doesn’t and next step
    initiatives for our school. The U-Learn conference and L@S have been a valuable
    resource and PD on our development and understanding of the use and
    implementation of new tools and programmes available and to find out what is working
    in the world community regarding ICT, teacher and student learning,
    facilitating ICT within your school and using these as effectively as we can.

    It has been hard in a small, rural, low decile school
    like ours to continuously update and up skill our school community with the
    tools and the experts we need to sustain GOOD EFFECTIVE Learning due to:

    1. Lack
      of funding
    2. Lack
      of time
    3. Lack
      of access to technology hardware
    4. Resistance


  • Tessa Gray

    Kia ora Andrea, thank you for sharing your e-learning integration and examples - as well as the challenges for sustainability in your schools.


    The collective wealth of sharing from ICT PD clusters also makes for some rich reading @ /pg/resources/search/?q=reflective+summary&subjects=none