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Manaiakalani 2011: Term One


  • dorothyjburt

    Term One saw us begin the second stage of our 1:1 pilot in 6 of our 7 schools: Glenbrae Primary, Pt England School, St Pius X Primary, Tamaki College, Tamaki Intermediate and Tamaki Primary.

    We began in January with a group of dedicated student technicians who came to school in the holidays and imaged the 550 netbooks that were to go out to the 17 pilot classes.

    The facilitators worked with the pilot classes as we implemented a staggered rollout across the cluster - this enabled plenty of support (technical and pedagogical) to be onhand in the early days for each class.


    Much of the process is online.

    Take a look at this to see what it was like as they came out of the boxes....


    February 2011 300 students received their own Netbook.



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