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Web Usage Stats, Data and Infographics

I am always fascinated by the rate of change of statistics and data around the web and am always looking for the very latest to add to my presentations/workshops with teachers.  This resource is a place to collect and store some of the articles, infographics and slideshows as I find them.  Please feel free to use any and all of these resources and also to add your own ones.


Latest YouTube stats released in January 2012 show that there has been a 25% increase in viewing of videos since May 2011.  YouTube now serves 4billion downloads or views every single day (up from 3 billion in May).  Even more mind-boggling is that there is 60 hours of video uploaded to YouTube EVERY MINUTE.  Click here for a great little tool to help visualise the sheer scale/rate of this.



Stats directly from Facebook are here



Today Apple released their first quarter results for 2012.  These stats blow me away in terms of the scale of what they are producing and also the rate of adoption of their products.  The purpose of presenting these stats is not as an Apple Fan Girl - but more to give an idea of the scale at which Apple are working.  Another article about revenue here.

Some quick quotes:

Apple made more profit this quarter than the entire company was worth in 2004.

In the past three years, Apple's revenue has grown almost five fold. 

Last year, Apple sold 93.1 million iPhones, slightly more than it did in in 2007, 2008, 2009, and 2010 combined.