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Audio Conferencing

Audio conferencing provides for audio quality that is not always available through internet connections & webcams where bandwidth is limited. 
This is available through the MOE and managed by Asnet Technologies at no cost to schools. Audio numbers and pins can be applied for, using the application form below, from Asnet vcsupport@asnettechnologies.co.nz. 
VLN Primary eteachers are provided with a pin number for their online classes, these are valid for a year only and are renewed as required.
Below is the MOE policy documentation and user guide about schools use of the audio conferencing.

imageFor optimum audio quality for a number of students speaking through an audio conference call, a polycom sound station or similar is recommended. These are quite expensive to purchase, it is possible to use a regular phone on speaker settings for small groups of students. Here are some speaker phones that are working well in our schools.   


  • Rachel Whalley

    Another alternative to phone lines if you have fast internet is to access the audiobridge through a skype premium connection. Contact Rachel for numbers to connect.

    Why would you need a separate audio connection? Not all schools or eteachers are running on faster connections, currently we are bound by the lowest common denominator (bandwidth wise) in the classroom. 

    Skype credits or skype premium is necessary to access NZ phone numbers.