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St Marys Reflective Summary

Kate's reflective summary.docx

Background and context

We are part of the North Westland Cluster which is a
small cluster of 5 schools in the remote area of the West Coast of the South Island.
I am the ICT lead teacher of a Catholic school with 7 teachers and 160 children
.I teach a Year ½ class of 17 children.


and Purpose

  • To ensure that ICT becomes an integral
    part of classroom teaching and learning to enhance student achievement now and
    in the future.

  • To enable students to become positive
    digital citizens and be aware of cybersafety

interventions and actions and summary of key results:


My Personal Journey as
a Lead Teacher of ICT: I have found being part of this
project over the three years has allowed me to grow as a leader. When I first
began I thought my role was to pass on information I was given and to make
teachers use ICT in their classroom. I also believed that this was going to be
easy however I was wrong. Through my research I found that a lead teacher
doesn’t just give information but they empower their peers to be able to find
and use what they need when they need it. A lead teacher’s job is to grow a
group of leaders. Once I realised this my role did come easier and more

When I look back I feel proud of what my colleagues
have achieved  in a field that some of
them were very afraid and unsure of. All of the teachers have come on board and
have allowed themselves to learn in an area that sometimes their students know
more than they do. This brings me to the first 
aim I had this year...

Tech Angels:
up skilling a group of students to teach their teachers and peers. I run a
weekly Tech Angel session for a five week period during lunchtimes. This is a
time when students can share with me and each other sites or tools they have
found. After practicing with these programmes they are assigned to a class
where they teach the teacher and the students. This has enable teachers and
students to develop a toolbox of tools and skills to draw from when using ICT
in their class programme.

Digital citizenship and
cyber safety: We don’t want to have to block sites
however want children to be safe while on the internet. With our school going
through to Year 8 we are having to address the issues that social networking
and cyber bullying bring. So we have implemented a procedure that this will be
taught in Term 1 each year throughout the school so that by the time the
children get to this age they will have the skills to deal with these issues.

We looked at several resources online and decided
that ‘The Grid’ http://www.thegrid.org.nz/index.html  gives a good coverage of the key themes of
being safe, connected and responsible. It also has a good progression of
lessons over the year levels.

Communicating with our
continued to have a class blog in each class to communicate with parents
however we now want to broaden this to being able to communicate with our
parish community as well. We had several requests for a school web site so this
has been set in motion and we have purchased a web site that will be easily
found  and  with some parents help we are designing the
new site.


– next steps

Sustaining the ICT momentum past the project: This year I
completed my Post Grad Diploma in ICT in Education. As part of this I had to
complete a research project and I chose to research sustaining the momentum of
the ICT project at our school. This required me to research the literature
available on sustainability, professional development and ICT projects. I think
the key theme I found was that to sustain the progress we are making at St
Marys we needed to continue the collaboration we are having with the other
cluster schools. This sharing and discussions is invaluable and needs to
continue beyond the project. I also looked into what types of professional
development teachers preferred and what times were more suitable. This also
showed that cluster shares were well received as well as the ICT blog that I
run at school to keep staff up to date on new tools and sites. On our cluster
wiki I have uploaded the survey responses and the research paper itself in
draft. Research