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Kura Hakari - A sharing protocol


Kura Hakari - Regional Learning Feast

Kura hākari What is it?

Kura Hakari is an exciting sharing of new understandings generated from the 'Connected Professional Learning Community.'  Schools will have 15 mins in which to present their journey, challenges, outcomes and next learning steps. An opportunity for audience reflection and questioning will follow each school’s presentation.


1. (verb) (-ngia,-ina) to educate, teach.   He aha te pai kiakurangia ko ngā tāne anake, ā kia kura kore ngā taitamāhine? (HKW 8/1898 wh2)What’s the good in only teaching the boys and letting the girls be uneducated?
2. (noun) school, education, learning gathering.   E kīia ana e haere ana a Marietoa ki Poihākena ki te whakaoti i tōna kura(Pipi 8/1899 suppl wh2).They say that Maliatoa is going to Sydney to complete his education.


1. (verb) (-tia) to have a feast.   Ka titohia e Paratene he waiata, ka hākari te iwi (TTR 1990 wh111).Paratene composed a song and the tribe had a feast.
2. (noun) sumptuous meal, feast, banquet, gift, present, celebration, entertainment, yolk of an egg, roe of fish.   He tangata atawhai nui ia ki te tāpae kai ki ngā tāngata katoa me ka tae ki tōna kāinga; e kore rawa hoki e tukua e ia te tira manuhiri kia haere ana, āpānoa kia takoto he hākari māna ki ia tangata ki ia tangata o rātou, te iti me te rahi (TWMNT 21/4/1874 wh95). He was a generous person who provided food to everybody if they visited his village; he would never ever let a party of visitors leave until he had laid out a feast for each person, whether of lowly status or of importance.

Why are we doing it?

Students learn in schools that learn (and share). The development of and support

of schools reflecting on their purpose and endeavours. Student achievement has a

direct relationship with local and district leadership.

Recent research has revealed a statistically significant relationship between local and district

leadership and student achievement.

--Waters & Marzano


  • Encourages schools to explain themselves
  • Time for celebrating the work of the year
  • Learn new ideas from other schools
  • Friendly competition to out do each other
  • Fosters regional/community identity

The Big Questions

Have  21st Century Learner tools and strategies enhanced student engagement, pedagogy and learning outcomes???  

What evidence do we have to demonstrate that these initiatives are impacting on student learning and achievement.   

How do we get ready to present?

15 min sessions per school.  Each school is have 1 presenter who attends a preparation workshop.

This Preparation Workshop will collaboratively cover

  • The structure of the Kura Hakari presentations
  • Technical support that may be required
  • How to work with the information
  • Presentation and speaking skills (external facilitator)

Structure:   Each element can be separated by a slide

With reference to one or more current school initiatives:

How has this initiative changed student learning outcomes???  

What evidence do we have to demonstrate that this initiative is impacting on student learning and achievement.   

  1. What have we been trying to achieve?
  2. How are we changing ourselves internally in our schools?


  1. Data referenced Reflection
  2. Unexpected results


  1. What barriers are there to our success?
  2. Specific issues we are facing are ...

Reflection/Feed forward

  1. What are the schools plans for 2012 in the area of learning?

What about attending schools?

The Hakari this year is about sharing in a new way how our learning organisations can engage with and prepare  students. as 21st Century Learners.

Reflective Conversation to take place after each presentation

Questions to summarise and discuss each schools presentation

What are the key elements of this schools journey?
How might some of these apply within our school?

Questions around clarification for schools  Can you explain more about……..?

So what do you see as the difference between………and ………?
Can you help me to understand what you mean when you say………….?