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Creating a Powerful Learning Environment at Matamata Intermediate School

Matamata Intermediate School is a two-year, co-educational school catering for students aged 10 -13 years of age. Approximately 400 students currently attend our school.

The focus:

Creating a Powerful Learning Environment 

The rationale:

The NZC gives us the challenge of developing confident,connected, actively involved lifelong learners. We believe all teaching practice @MIS need to be based on solid pedagogy and should result in improved student outcomes. We believe teachers make a difference and any changes that we make need to maximise the impact on student learning outcomes and be sustainable. Our data showed that although we were making significant progress with student learning, the rate of progress had not changed over the last few years and a target group of students were still below expectation, despite efforts we were making. We believe in a continuous improvement model and decided that by focusing on creating a powerful learning environment wewould be more likely to achieve the overall student learning outcomes we were wanting. The data, and consultation with our community, led us to highlight four areas on which to build our powerful learning environment: 

1. Increased achievement in Numeracy, Literacy and Science 

2. All members of our school community active and involved

3. Competently using digital technologies as a learning tool

4. Staff and students demonstrating the schools virtues culture

What did you do?

We reviewed our existing core beliefs and pedagogy by unpacking the key elements of the NZC and formulated a clear community understanding of revised core beliefs and pedagogy. We identified the key actions of teachers and students to improve student outcomes. Each teacher identified, using data, a focus for a personal pedagogical inquiry, which would result in changes in their practise and improve student achievement. A learningpathway for our school was clarified and visually represented. A total of 9 strategies were implemented.

v2_How Did We Bring About Change

What happened?

Across the school we noticed:

Increased student engagement

  • Improved student achievement
  • Increased competency with managing self
  • Increase competency with participating and contributing
  • Motivated teachers
  • Changes to physical classroom environment
  • Increased e-learning

We learnt that sustained change will occur when teacher pedagogy changes rather than when teachers simply gain new skills. 

Video Evidence

Next steps?

How will we continue to develop the key competencies? 

How will we continue to strengthen 21st learning environment in all classrooms?