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Putauaki Primary: Pecha Kucha - The Ripple Effect

What Did We Do?

During the last week of Term 3, 2011, Jeanette Murphy, the ICT Facilitator for PeaK-ICT http://peak-ict.wikispaces.com/ attended an Eastern Bay of Plenty Cluster Meeting along with other Facilitators, Project Leaders for the National Blended eLearning project Mary Loveless and Jo Wilson and National Facilitator Toni Twiss.  Toni set the agenda for the day that included a morning slot where Facilitators could share their cluster experiences pecha kucha style.

Pecha Kucha is the Japanese term for chit chat and generally requires a Presenter speak with and alongside 20 slides that are timed at 20 second intervals.  To ensure all Facilitators had the opportunity to share, Toni had suggested mini pecha kucha presentations of 6 slides at 30 second intervals, the total time to share being 3 minutes.


Jeanette took up this opportunity to talk about student achievement and her views on the six positive aspects of e-Learning http://tiny.cc/7ja19

“My thinking and learning journey alongside the e-Learners Team at Putauaki has involved moving in, out and beyond the four walls of our traditional classroom environment.  Our experiences have become explicit examples that coincidently support the aspects of e-Learning I share in my mini pecha kucha presentation” – Jeanette.

Jeanette attended the ULearn 2011 Conference a week later and also delivered her presentation impromptu to over 200 delegates.  She borrowed on-line buddy (and friend) Allanah’s laptop who, given permission uploaded the presentation to her website http://tiny.cc/eo86q that has prompted the following two comments:

Jeanette’s contribution to the Pecha Kucha was a real highlight of ULearn for me – stunning illustration of how we can all benefit from each other’s experiences, and that it doesn’t have to be just the ‘big names’. Well done Jeanette! - Derek Wenmouth.

“I loved Jeanette’s contribution and was totally inspired by the things she had to say.  I am truly motivated to take back her theme to my classroom and share this even with the children!  Loved the thread of connect, collaborate, be flexible, give choice, integrate and create!” - Super7scoopers.

Post the experience: “I am really passionate about what I do and find talking about ‘kids as e-Learners’ easy.  So I seized the ‘pecha kucha’ moment.  In hindsight now I was so not prepared to have people come up to me over the three days and say “You make so much sense - thanks for that”. Nor did I think of the ripple effect such a profound experience could have on me and also on others.  It was awesome and I would certainly do it again” – Jeanette.

What Was Important?

Jeanette mentioned’ flexibility’ as positive aspect three of e-Learning in her presentation and that a sub-group of e-Learners would share pecha kucha style at the Mini Gifted and Talented Symposium in Whakatane later that month.  It was also her intention to have home teacher Lance accompany and support students on this learning journey.

What Happened As A Result?

Ahead of time Jeanette created ‘He Korero o te Whakatipuranga Hou’, a weebly website set up as the reference point for parents, teachers and interested educationalists that includes information about pecha kucha. 







She held an introductory pecha kucha session with the e-Learners being Roger, Reed, Justize, Danae and Lance and also arranged five days thereafter to scaffold, support and prepare the sub-group for presenting. 

    image  image  image

As Jeanette is employed part-time at Putauaki, she managed to keep in touch with Lance and the group via skype-chat, e-mail and cellphone texting. 

 I absolutely loved the fact that we could work on this project outside of school hours and still feel connected.  Questions or concerns that the e-Learners had could be responded to or shared with others of the group in an instant” – Jeanette.  

What Have We Learned?

The sub-group of e-Learners were confident users of Microsoft Powerpoint and while it would have been pertinent to have each of them include at least two original photographic images in the presentations, given the short time frame to have work completed, this was not possible. e-Learners have however added a credits page for images that were used.

image  On the day of the mini GATE Symposium, e-Learners 'intrinsically shared’ some of the maori concepts that go with giftedness showcasing themselves too as individuals of e-Learning and also through kotahitanga as a team.  Three parents alongside Mr and Mrs More accompanied them and many teachers who attended were impressed with the essence and depth of each Presenters e-Learning journey.

“I am certainly proud to have had these bunnies and to see them come so far with their thinking and learning” – Div.

The online webspace He Korero o te Whakatipuranga Hou serves as a ‘just in time’ resource and reference point for anyone interested in learning how to present pecha kucha style.  Jeanette has included story templates as pdf files, points to consider when presenting along with relevant You Tube videos.  The e-Learners presentations have since been uploaded to the showcase page and the ‘add to our blog’ page invites viewers in to comment and provide feedback or
feed forward.

What Were The Issues?

Term 4 for Putauaki like many schools in Kawerau, had its challenges as home teachers were completing end of year reports and planning for school or class camps as well as reapplying for their jobs.  It was anticipated that the sub-group of e-Learners would not become involved in extra curricula activities for at least two weeks so that they could focus wholly on completing, rehearsing and refining their pecha kucha presentations.

So Where To From Here?

Although clasroom teacher Lance was reluctant at first to join the group, he enjoyed the overall experience and was asked about the maori component that was included in his presentation
relating to De Bono’s Thinking Hats.  He will now consider using this methodology of presenting with senior students next year.

Jeanette was approached by a member of the Gifted NZ group and asked if the sub-group of
e-Learners would be keen to present at the Gifted Conference in March 2012.  She shared that three of the students were off to College next year however there is still possibility for this to happen with another group. 

Jeanette is also looking at sharing her ideas about the maori concepts of giftedness with
an e-Learning perspective and has plans of joining the group ‘He Kahui Pumanawa’.   Since the mini GATE Symposium she has created two more pecha kucha presentations, has ideas for more and is keen to set up a Pecha Kucha group that will meet and share bi-monthly in Whakatane.

 Links to images: http://www.picturetrail.com/sfx/flicks/preview/8673971