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Knowing, Sharing, Winning

National Goal
Teachers to integrate e-learning effectively into their practice creating an innovative and exciting learning environment for all students.

One of the initiatives of the Manurewa Cluster has been to encourage classroom teachers to share their understanding and use of ICT in innovative ways.  While individual teachers are doing exceptional things within their classes, often this is not seen by the rest of the staff.  To rectify this anomaly Daniel (DP responsible for ICT, and Project Director) decided to hold a staff meeting where teachers would be encouraged to share their learning, and win some prizes for their efforts.


  • Each teacher was invited to share a 5 minute presentation with the staff
  • Presentations would be accepted from all departments
  • Experiences of how this impacted on student learning were to be included
  • Staff would vote on the best presentation and the one they could try personally
  • Presenters would have a lucky dip to select a prize – external speakers, flash drives, cameras, etc

Staff were given about 4 weeks’ notice so they had time to prepare and then trial it with their class if they were doing something new, or time to revisit a project that had previously been used with students and make any changes that needed to be made as a result.

What happened, as a result?
In term two during an allocated ICT professional development slot all staff gathered to join in the celebration of ideas that others thought could be beneficial to student engagement and learning.  Ten teachers had volunteered to each take a 5 minute presentation demonstrating new ways of using software, combinations of programmes to enhance learning, encouraging student creativity in presenting work, or how to push yourself out of your comfort zone.  There was a time keeper so presenters did not over-run their allocated time; all presenters received a spot prize for their efforts; staff were encouraged to participate, and the event took on a “fun” learning time.

What impressed us most was that all presenters were classroom teachers who had not previously been involved as ICT lead teachers.  Social Studies, Science, English, Digital Technology, Special Education and Economics and Business Studies were all represented.

As a direct result of this PD session a number of teachers are now using Prezzi because they saw it demonstrated in a way that great benefits to student learning andmany staff are now very confident in embedding You Tube Videos into presentations. Many of the presenters have been approached by other teachers to ask for assistance in getting started in their classes.

What have we learned?

  • Every school has a number of teachers who are engaging students in innovative ways
  • Time must be allocated to use this expertise
  • Most people have to be exposed to a new program at least 3 times before they take it on board
  • Teachers learn best in a one-on-one environment where they do not feel threatened
  • Life long learning is for everyone – teachers and students
  • Learning in a “fun” environment develops better student / teacher relationships
  • Presenting work in new and innovative ways develops student creativity

On reflection

  • Would we do it again? – definitely so
  • Staff evaluations gave a lot of positive feedback
  • Although for some teachers this was the first time they had ever stood before their peers and although were very nervous, it was a great experience for them
  • Achievement data supports greater student engagement
  • NCEA data shows very large increases in achievement levels in the secondary school
  • By completing learning tasks in more digitally interactive ways, students are taking more responsibility for their learning and achievement is rising

This was a highly effective way to engage teachers in the possibilities for creating better learning environments for students to reach their potential.


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The Manurewa Cluster comprises of Manurewa High School (decile 2, 1926 students), Manurewa Intermediate School (decile 1, 753 students) and Manurewa Central School (decile 3, 510 students). 

Where: South Auckland

ICT-PD Cohort: 2009