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Goal 4 Reflective Summary 2011

The following is a summary of National Goal 4 for 2011 for the Mantar Cluster (Milestone 4).


Year 2 of Cluster Programme - Primary Cluster Years 0-8

Cluster Type: 



With the increasing development of E-Learning tools and strategies within the Cluster schools, comes the need to keep whanau and communities informed of school happenings and student reporting through the use of ICTs. Within the Mantar Cluster this has meant the ongoing development of school websites as well as class blogs or wikis. Two of our schools have been involved in the 'Computers In Homes' scheme as reported in Milestone 3 and both have proven to have been very successful. Reflections from Terrace End and Somerset Cres schools have shown the value of this scheme in raising the profile and integration of ICT into low decile schools.

Principal's have taken a significant role in the development of this and this is reported in Goal 2 as much work has been done by the Management Team in developing strategic plans and charters for each school. 


There are four key areas the Cluster identified as areas of development when ensuring meaningful connections are made with whanau and community:

* Principal's needed to conduct professional reading around best practice for Home/School partnerships with a special focus on engaging whanau/community in school events including at reporting times

* ICTs to be an integrated part in specially planned events that involve students showcasing their understandings

* Student led celebrations/three way conferences would include ICTs and whanau/community is given the opportunity to provide feedback on this - possibly through the use of a survey

* Opportunities should be provided to support whanau/community to use ICTs so that they may actively share in their children's learning

Interventions/Summary of Key Results: 

Due to the varying communities for each school, methods of reaching the community and whanau vary dependent on the specific needs of each. Reflection and evidence of Principal's reading/investigation into best practice around this area can be found in their Reflective Summary as part of this Milestone report. 

Each school has used different ways of engaging with their community and whanau to showcase student understandings. Family sharing days at Terrace End has been successful for this. Each class invites the community into their room for a short snap shot view of their child's learning and this is expected to include an element of ICT. These have been well received by the community with most classes having a good turn out on each of these days. Evidenced below is a link to a variety of ways the Cluster schools have connected with their communities, including a reflection on their success - this has included: Student led celebrations, blogs, Inquiry celebration evenings, basic facts afternoons, whanau homework afternoons and assemblies.

Next Steps: 

The Cluster has made significant progress in communicating effectively with whanau/communities and will consider new ways of engaging with families as part of the variation writing process. The current feedback from teachers is that it difficult to engage whanau/communities in online spaces such as class blogs/wikis. There has been discussion about the Cluster schools engaging more Cluster wide with this so that it becomes a further connection between schools. This is an area for further development and discussion as teachers become more skilled in integrating the use of ICTs in the classroom and students become more confident in not only their own implementation of E-learning, but also in sharing that with their whanau/families.

Continued research and pedagogical study by Management will continue in this area.

Continuation of the successful integration of ICTs during assemblies, Student Led Conferences, learning celebrations, sharing evenings and wikis/blogs will continue but will be adjusted and refined according to school and community need.

Charter development will reflect the commitment to actively involve family/whanau/community.