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Te Poi Journey so far...


Te Poi Primary School is a country school providing quality, personalised education and wide open spaces. We offer a supportive, friendly environment with highly skilled teachers and support staff. Children enjoy excellent student-teacher ratios, 2 small classes with Year 1 to 6, in a well-resourced school with both PC and Apple computers. The senior class has an Internet capable computer per student.

We have excellent facilities, huge playing fields and an exciting adventure playground complete with a flying fox.  There is a swimming pool for the summer and an expert hockey team in the winter. The senior class has a computer per student for exciting digital learning opportunities.


Develop a school curriculum. Re-work the school vision statement to align with e-learning pedagogy. Plan across a year including thinking tools, ICT integration and shared term units with Big Ideas.


To move forward with e-learning as a staff we first needed to determine a sense of the learner, what is important for our students to be equipped with when they leave our school in year 6, what do we hold dear and how e-learning can support and be integrated into these ideals, values and principles.

What did we do?

Got ICT equipment into the classrooms, laptops to staff and upgraded our administrative computers.

Ensured easy access for all staff to email, school records & sharing of key documents through Google Apps.

Developed a school website and Facebook group with links to our class blogs.

Moved from MUSAC to Symphony, an Internet based SMS.

Planned whole school ‘Big Idea’ topics for each term using different inquiry learning models. Utilised a variety of thinking tools in our planning.

Staff meetings devoted to discussing, brainstorming and creating our Te Poi Curriculum.

Developed a future plan for UFB & server needs.

What happened?

Teachers wanted to learn how to use their laptops and asked for new ICT equipment and programmes so websites, documents and activities could be shown to the class.

Documents & student details can be accessed from anywhere there is Internet access – not restricted to being at school. Better use of teacher time at school and at home.

3 Learner concept developed as the basis of our school curriculum.  Using the 3 characters from our school logo to represent:

  • The Thinker
  • The Learner
  • The Citizen


Key Competences, NZC Values & Principles aligned with each character.

The values, traditions and school culture worked into our curriculum document.

Old vision out – (still working on the replacement.)

Year plan created incorporating Big Ideas & Concepts and an ICT component for each term’s topic.

 Te Poi Journey

What did we learn?

What we hold dear for our students and what is important for their development and learning.

How to interpret and understand the NZC and how it fits into our school thinking and curriculum development.

What IT tools and concepts are important and how to begin integrating them into our classrooms.

What e-learning actually means and how it relates to our learners.

What types of inquiry learning models we like and aspects we don’t like.


Next steps:

Continue to develop our curriculum document.

Decide on a new vision statement that aligns with our new thinking.

Develop our own inquiry learning model.

Build individual skills, confidence and competence in using IT tools.

For further planning documents and links go to: