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Baradene/ Saint Peters College ICT PD cluster reflective summary – embedding ICT within Teaching and Learning unit plans!

Background and Context

The teachers of Baradene College and St. Peter's College have combined forces to ensure their students are able to access and incorporate ICT in as many of their educational experiences as possible. The teachers at these schools are responsible for bringing these resources, ideas and innovations to more than 2000 students in the Auckland area.

The Baradene / Saint Peters College ICT PD cluster comprises of Baradene College of the Sacred Heart and St Peters College Auckland.  We are nearing the completion of our second year of our ICT PD contract.  We are both Decile 9 Catholic Secondary Colleges (Year 7 – 13) located in the Central Auckland Area.  Baradene is a girls’ only college while St Peters is a boys’ only college. 

Aims and Purposes:

Our major programme goals for our cluster from the outset were:

  1.  To increase the integration of ICT within teaching and learning programs to enable students to become successful digital citizens. For us we saw this as:
  • Students and teachers having a common understanding of digital citizenship as a way to prepare students for a society full of technology and to teach them how to use technology appropriately,
  • Students learning experiences being enhanced by the use of ICT,
  • Teachers understand how ICT can be used to improve/support/enhance pupil’s learning,
  • Teachers planning units of work that incorporate ICT to enable students to become successful digital citizens.

2.  Teachers using the Ultranet and other ICT tools to extend opportunities for learning. Here training and support is paramount according to each staff member’s ICT needs.

 Our cluster worked with the cluster goals in mind.  The cluster team made up of the Project Director, the Two Lead Teachers in each school and our e-Learning Facilitator, met every fortnight to evaluate our work in relation to the goals. This gave us a clear platform to work from and allowed us to make decisions around next steps.  We also went to great lengths to showcase the progress of our cluster on the VLN (Virtual Learning Network). Please refer to /pg/groups/43282/baradenest-peters-college-ict-pd-cluster/ for on-going summaries and reflections of our journey. 

In each faculty we have a liaison person (FLP – Faculty Liaison Person) and it soon became clear to us that there was some amazing work happening in all the faculties but we were concerned that the resources and ICT tools were not in one central place where they could readily be accessed.  Although these were being shared with staff within faculties we felt that once a unit of work was completed these tools may be forgotten.  The Lead Teacher for Baradene worked on a Y7/8 unit of work and incorporated all the tools and links within that document, even including snapshots of resources that had been stored on the Ultranet.  She then showed this as an example at a HOF’s meeting and then did the same presentation at a FLP meeting.  The Project Director showed OneNote as a central storage tool and the FLP’s embraced the concept with Mathematics being one of the first faculties to convert their unit plans.  

Summary of key results  

Our e-Learning facilitator and the Lead teachers have met with all FLP’s to find out how they could support them in the FLP role.  The collation of ICT use within faculties is evidence of what is being used within faculties to support teaching and learning.

As shown in the student on-line survey and discussions, staff are still using ICT more frequently in their Teaching and Learning programs since we joined the ICT cluster at the start of 2010. Students have also indicated that some of their teachers are using ICT in different ways, highlighting that they have visited the ICT pods more frequently, have used IWBs more in class, are using PowerPoint’s, Ultranet and websites in new ways and have used programs such as Audacity and Movie Maker. Some progress had been slower we wait for the SNUP upgrade, which will ensure Baradene is a fully functioning wireless environment.

HoFs and FLPs have been given PD on how to incorporate ICT into their Teaching and Learning Documents and this will be an on-going goal in 2012. 

Conclusions and recommendations / next steps

We have continued to see a benefit in having an e-Learning Facilitator as well as Lead Teachers as this extra time has allowed us to work with a wide range of staff. We still believe that progress can only be made if enough time and resources are available.

It was beneficial to meet with FLPs (Faculty Lead People) and HoFs individually to discuss how ICT is being used in their Faculty, and to discuss next steps. Incorporating ICT into teaching and learning documents has proven successful to encourage all staff members within a Faculty to use ICT in their teaching. It also models new ideas for using ICT in teaching programs. Some Faculties have asked all staff members to create an ICT resource or provide PD at Faculty meetings. FLPs have continued to pass on information and train other staff members. The ease of access for staff is attributed to the use of hyperlinks and resources on Ultranet within the unit plans has resulted in a feeling of support and a gentle encouragement to continue to use ICT to enhance the Teaching and Learning programs.

Again we recognize the importance of having a senior leader involved with the cluster. This forms a vital link which enables the goals to be driven and supported. 

The time of reflection has proven to be a very pleasing process as it helps us identify the progress we have made.

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