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Stoke School Milestone 6 Google Docs

Keeping the Stoke Staff up to date with developments

During this year I have been promoting the use of Google Docs.

There was quite some resistance to this as there will always be resistance to anything new and unproven.

Staff felt that it was "one more thing" to learn and that they would be, once more, starting from scratch. I decided to persist with this and made sure that everyone had a gmail account.

I began to use Google Docs as my main method of recording information and sharing with staff. I also realized during the writing of the previous milestone, that I had seen other people using Google Docs. I had seen the possibilities and I was now expecting others to try something new and change to it based on what I was suggesting. However, after some time our principal began using it and suggested that we use it for minute taking during staff meetings. We began to do this and more people started using this platform. I have also begun to use the spreadsheet and Presentation as well.