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Nelson Christian Academy, reflective summary, milestone 6, 2011

Nelson Christian Academy
Curriculum 2011-2013 pedagogy statement:

Create a supportive
learning environment, encourage reflective thought and action, enhance the
relevance of new learning, facilitate shared learning, make connections to
prior learning and experience, provide sufficient learning opportunities, inquire
into the teaching - learning relationship, E – learning
that enhances opportunities to learn by offering students virtual experiences
and tools that save them time and open new and different ways of learning.

Effective pedagogy is
entirely dependent on the degree of love in the teacher.

The Integrated Learning
Path within Interact focuses on the three aspects of Pre Learning (Firing Up),
Active Learning (Finding out Further) and Response to Learning (Focussing
Forward). Each of these steps is fleshed out within the pathway. (See Interact
Curriculum Overview p.32)


The Focus:

At Nelson Christian Academy we don’t want E-learning to be a separate teaching component in
our curriculum/ classroom practice. We want E-learning to be integrated into
every aspect of classroom teaching.

For 2011 our academic target is to improve oral language ability in years 1-3 with
a specific focus on using oral language and ICT tools such as slideshow and
photo story. We will also teach the children how to embed voice into their
presentation using USB microphones.


What did we do?

All teachers have had professional development through staff meetings on how to use
PowerPoint effectively. This included animating, font changing, inserting
graphics and clipart. Teachers then went off and experimented and began using
these tools with their children according to child ability and year grouping.

In term 2 we introduced typing tutor and have continued to use Lexia and study ladder.
We will now continue to use online Lexia. These tools are used as a support and
are in keeping with our E-learning of enhancing opportunities from a holistic
point of view.

Every classroom has their own blog that is updated on a regular basis. Several of
these blogs have links to educational websites that are categorised in subject
areas, ie multiplication games, spelling games etc. These games are played
during class time to reinforce learning and children with learning difficulties
and their parents are encouraged to play these as a part of their homework.

Several children from the junior to middle school will be involved again this year in
the ICT Whakatu Cluster Film Festival. This was a valuable experience last year
and our hope is that the children involved in this three day event will return
to school as the ‘experts’ and teach others the skills they have learnt.

Kids Can Film Festival

3 day Film Festival involving 12 teachers and 60 students
from 6 cluster schools.  Parents & approx. 30 teachers from across the
cluster attended a walk through.  Films that were made were premiered at
the Suter Cinema which was attended by student’s families and the press.
Students ranged from Year 1 - Year 8.  Year 8 students were used as mentors.

Why did we do this?

The oral language target was set and the ICT component was added to enhance oral
language to develop all learning needs of all akonga. Typing tutor and study
ladder were introduced to support the learning of akonga in a fun and
interactive way.

One of our key words in our school mission statement is ‘together’. We value parent
involvement and understand that not all parents and whanau can visit in the
classroom. By having class blogs parents are informed of school events and are
able to see what their children are learning.

We joined the loop in June and have been actively participating in using the loop.
This has been encouraged from a management level and will enhance communication
with local schools in the Nelson area and beyond.

Our plans for 2012?

We will continue to use E-learning tools (as mentioned above).

There needs to be a focus on cyper-safety throughout the school.

Junior and Middle School

Hector the dolphin

Through the adventures of Hector and his friends, Hector's
World promotes the skills and values children need
to grow into confident, knowledgeable and caring members of
the online community - the ‘building blocks’ of
digital citizenship.



Senior school

John Parsons has run a number of workshops for our communities on educating parents about the risks of not allowing our students to protect their identity and that of others. There could
be a possibility that John could work with the senior students on identity
security issues. Many of the year 7-8 students have Facebook accounts; if the
Board of Trustees sees this as an important need in our school John could be

John Parsons                                                                                               
Protecting and Valuing Identity...an ethical approach to supporting a
digital life
(Values Based Education) 4 Hour modules, delivered 1 hour per week or
format to suit. Available to Primary, Intermediate and College age students.
This education provides students with education that protects them today and
helps them act with thought for their own futures, safeguarding their
opportunities to find suitable employment along with protecting their
reputations. To develop both the understandings and the skills required to use
the Internet appropriately in order to reduce the chances for harm to occur to
the student, their family and friends. http://simulate2educate.co.nz/