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Blended Learning @ Tauranga Primary School

Our elearning vision is:

For elearning to enhance powerful learning opportunities by providing engaging, accessible and authentic learning experiences for the 21st century learner.

We believe that “blended learning” , a combination of traditional and elearning practices, will best meet the needs of our TPS learners.  To that end we would like to refurbish all of our classrooms so that ICT is accessible for all children to utilise when needed, within their classroom. 

As of Term 3 2011, we have been trialling iPads in a Year 2 class (10)  and a combination of iMacs (5)  and iPads (4)  in a Year 5 classroom.  TPS staff are keen, enthusiastic and capable users of ICT to enhance their teaching and learning practice, largely due to the tremendous professional learning opportunities we have had access too via the ICTPD contract.

Our greatest hurdle now is to access funds for a whole school roll out of this initiative, not only the purchase costs but ongoing costs i.e. depreciation, increased internet usage, and maintenance.

This Reflective summary shares our journey of implementing Blended Learning in a Year 2 class and a Year 5 class. The full reflection can be viewed by clicking on the myportfolio link below.