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Bridging the Gap ICTPD Cluster Reflection November 2011

Title: Bridging the Gap ICTPD Cluster Reflection November 2011
Year level: Two
Cluster type: Traditional

The Context: Bridging the Gap Mini Conference to achieve outcomes for Cluster Goal 3

  • National Goal 3: Strengthen professional learning communities and increased collaboration within and across schools;
  • Bridging the Gap Goal 3: Ensure a range of regular and open communication to build learning communities within and across cluster schools.
  • Success Criteria: Evidence will show that:- There is collaboration within and between cluster schools, focused on effective e learning.

           For example

         At the Teacher Only Day mini conference all teachers can experience           the expertise of both a visiting speaker and those teachers within the          cluster

Research model used:
Guskey's Professional Development Assessment Model was used to determine the effects and effectiveness of collaboration within the BTG cluster schools designed to strengthen the BTG professional learning community so that they might improve the learning of students. Reflective questions developed at five increasing levels of sophistication:

  • Participants' reactions to the collaboration
  • How much participants learn
  • Evaluating organizational support and change
  • How participants use their new knowledge and skills
  • Improvement in student learning

Refer: Thomas R Guskey Evaluating Professional Development 2000 Corwin Press

The Focus:
What was important for us?
Learning how to live well and learn well with technology is a key focus for the BTG Cluster.
Our three key cluster questions are

  • What is needed to learn how to "live well" and to learn how to "learn well"?
  • What are the conditions of value in teaching and learning that will support these learning experiences?
  • How might e-learning enhance or betray these conditions of value

We use SOLO Taxonomy (Biggs and Collis 1982) as our common model of learning outcomes

The Rationale:
Why was this important?
Effective pedagogies avoid charges of technological determinism.

Cluster Goal #3 focuses on learning how to learn well with technology through collaboration – both within or across schools.  Cluster workshops provided by cluster teachers identify ways in which e-learning integrated with SOLO can be used to raise student achievement. Cluster networking sessions in the afternoon provided opportunity for informal collaboration and sharing around effective e-learning pedagogies suited to each year level group. 

What did we do?

BTG Mini Conference November 2011

BTG Mini Conference Workshops November 2011

What happened as a result?

Year 1 and 2 Networking and Sharing Session

BTG Cluster MiniConference Survey Results

BTG Wallwisher Wall - What new learning will you take away?

Impact on students/teachers/whanau
Immediate impact on teachers - see above

What did we learn?

We learned to celebrate the expertise within and across the BTG Cluster schools.

We learned that successful outcomes arise from hard work and collaboration.

We learned that taking time to listen, to laugh and share food with others makes for powerful learning.

What are our next steps?

To actively build opportunities for informal and formal cluster school workshops and visits in 2012.

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