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Lead Teacher Discussions

This Wiki link contains four informal discussions had by the lead teachers at a Lead Teacher day.

The topics are

To Block or Not

A discussion that arose out of talking about each schools Cybersafety Policies and how much should schools block.

Uniformity of practice between Primary and Secondary at Darfield

One of the Cluster Goals is

There will be a uniformity of philosophy and practice between primary and secondary schools.

This is the discussion had by the lead teachers on how we can achieve this.

Schools Cybersafety Policies, Up to Date?

Cluster schools talking about their Cybersafety Policies.

Touch Technologies are they really that great?

A discussion on Touch Technologies (iPads and iPods) and how they could change education as we know it.


  • Diane Mills

    Hi Danny and Malvern team,

    I have listened in to your discussions on the wiki site and enjoyed 'taking part' in the robust discussions that you have been having.  I applaud the commitment and thought you put into these conversations to tease out the best way forward for you all in your own schools.  These are valuable opportunities for you all to reflect on your progress to date.  The sharing enables people to crystallize their thoughts and I am sure you all go away with a sense of success as well as new ideas and possibilities.  Great stuff.

    Danny I have set alerts for the Malvern group, but don't seem to be getting these coming through.  I wonder what the issue is here?

  • Danny Bedingfield

    Hi Diane

    Thanks for the great feedback.

    I'm sorry i'm not sure about the alerts thing. I seem to be getting alerts from your response.

    Maybe try editing the alerts again, untick them save it then retick them?