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Engaging Family and Whanau

In gathering evidence for Milestone 4. The Malvern ICTPD cluster have decided to post evidence of ways that they have managed to engage Family and Whanau using an online tool.

The examples will range from Social Networking (Facebook and Twitter) to use of Blogs, Wikis and other external Web 2 tools.

The cluster has found that engaging Family and Whanau has been a real challenge. Some of the problem is internet connectivity but also changing the mindset of parents at home to expect feedback on childrens work rather than just looking.



  • Diane Mills

    Engaging the community has been a difficulty for many clusters and requires some thinking outside the box as it were.  You make the comment quite rightly that parents too need educating in the ways they too could or should respond when given access to online information.  It is a learning curve for them as well. I particularly liked hearing that twitter was used to link students on camp with their families at home.  I am sure that once these initiatives take hold, family and whanau will wonder how they managed before.