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Valay Raman

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 I have been a teacher for about 27 years to date. My teaching began in Valencia Secondary School in South Africa. We then moved to New Zealand in 1996 where I started teaching at Viscount School. I am now at Finlayson Park School which is a very large full primary school in Manurewa. My role encompasses both leadership and management task. My key task is to be overall in charge of ICT. I have used this philosophy (Do more for less for many) to guide my thinking. Our school's ICT infrastructure has grown from about 60 computers to 348 computers since being underpinned by this philosophy. This has allowed us to connect with our community by allowing them free access into our school to use our digital equipment. Most people that live in our community do not have computers connected to the internet. I am passionate about fixing this as I believe it has positive consequences for our children's education and learning.

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  • Tessa Gray

    Kia ora Valay, your contributions in the VLN/Enabling e-Learning groups this past week have been both insightful and inspiring. I was moved by your story of how your child wanted to stay at home with you when you were sick. I have just 'liked' your blog post and was thinking...if you wanted people to comment on this, you can click on 'Comments on' option.

    You might also like to join the sub-communities listed on the main Enabling e-Learning page, too, to browse current discussions in the specialised groups [http:///groups/profile/118255/enabling-e-learning]. 

    We hope you can also join us in the other term 3 activities on offer [/blog/view/694896/whats-on-in-term-3] and that you enjoy the weekly e-learning round-up on the blog [/blog/group/118255/all].

    Thanks again for your rich stories with us online. Tess :-)

  • Barbara Reid

    Hi Valay. Welcome to the Connecting Home and School group.

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