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Vanitha Govini

Kia ora Hazel, I am wondering where we could get more details about this webinar especially about the registration. Thanks.


Brief description:
Contact email: vgovini1@gmail.com
Mobile phone: 021 343 771
Twitter username: @vanithaGovini

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  • Warren Grieve

    Hi Vanitha. Welcome to the Digital Technologies group on VLN. Keen to have your ideas and thoughts added. Start discussions, ask to be added as a contributor to resources I have posted. Keep each other up to date with news that you hear about to do with this area. Let’s use our contacts to keep everyone up to speed with Digital Technologies as it develops in N.Z. Dive into discussion we would love to hear your thoughts.
    My Digital Technologies website: https://sites.google.com/medbury.school.nz/digitaltechnologies/home. Same resources also on Pond at https://www.pond.co.nz/detail/3398311/digital-technologies-a-primary-focus

  • Otalani Kiata

    Hey Vanitha seeing some good work on your part. I have not added anything but appreciated Tessa's friendly nudge. Will have a thing about what I can add.

  • Tessa Gray

    Congratulations agent Vanitha, your mission has been accomplished, and you have successfully voted in today's poll. That makes 5 in a row!

    You can now download the 'Day 5 CHALLENGE WINNER' community badge (different from other days) and add this to your profile as well. http://bit.ly/1zYahxQ

    We all have queries areas of expertise to share. Starting or responding to threads helps populate conversations and keep our social network alive. Today you helped accomplish this mission.

    Thank you for participating in Enabling e-Learning's 5 Day Challenge.

    P.S Did you like the Powtoon?

    Have a great weekend!



  • Tessa Gray

    Congratulations Vanitha, again you have successfully voted in today's poll. WOOHOO!!

    You know what to do... download 'Day 4 CHALLENGE WINNER' community badge (different from other days) and add this to your profile as well.http://bit.ly/1sx8I6q

    Making friends in the VLN allows you to see when they post in the VLN. Notifications will come to your inbox, especially if you go >>> SETTINGS (top right hand corner) >>>NOTIFICATIONS >>> click on ALL FRIENDS for email notifications >>> click SAVE (at the bottom).

    One more day to go! First one to complete will be the ultimate 5 Day CHALLENGE WINNER! Will it be you Vanitha?


  • Tessa Gray

    Nice one Vanitha, fast again! You've successfully voted today, so feel free to download the 'Day 3 CHALLENGE WINNER' community badge (different from other days) and add this to your profile as well. http://bit.ly/1srSCLk

    The LIKE or thumbs up feature of the VLN really helps to profile posts people are reading, but not necessarily responding to. Do you like the LIKE?

    Look out for tomorrow's 5 Day challenge, only 2 to go! You could be the first 5 Day CHALLENGE WINNER!


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