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Tim Kong

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Contact email: timslim@gmail.com
Telephone: skype: teachakong
Mobile phone: @timoslimo
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About me

This is just from my blog - which is a bit lazy I guess - but it all still applies.

I came to teaching when I entered my 30’s. Before then I was a video roadie forthese brothersthese guys, and for the briefest of times, this guy. I also got paid by these costumed gents and had my ears damaged by these two.

Teaching was an opportunity to get off the road and to let go of a lifestyle that while fun, and full of friendships fleeting and famously fickle; can be a dead end. Highly specialised, but of no use to anyone outside the industry. I didn’t want to be that 50 year old roadie with a beer gut and greying pony tail, telling stories about the good old days. (And I say that with all due respect to 50 year roadies.)

I completed a Teaching diploma at Wellington College of Education in 2004, and began my teaching at Avalon Intermediate in 2005.  I taught there for 3 years, in a mixed Year 7-8 class. In 2008, I moved to Seatoun School, where I have taught Year 5-6 as well as Year 7-8.

As a primary teacher in NZ, I teach the core subjects of Math, English, Integrated Studies, PE, Art and Languages.  I’m also the ICT lead teacher for our school. This means I’m responsible for the hardware, software and the network for our school of 400 students. In real terms I’m the guy that everyone turns to if anything with a plug attached to it has an issue or a problem.

I enjoy ICT, but I don’t see it as a curriculum subject. I see ICT and a digital learning environment as the way, the means by which we as teachers should be connecting, challenging and concentrating our students minds and bodies. I am not a fan of ICT being “taught” – but prefer the right tools to be used for the right teaching and learning.  Our duty of care as teachers is to prepare our students for their future, not our past. The tools of ICT and the digital/online worlds are often new to them, as well as to us, regardless of any talk of “digital natives/immigrants.” And these spaces still require old time analog methods of effort, perseverance, collaboration and stickability.



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