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Theresa Bosch

Brief description: Project Director for the Baradene College / ST Peters ICT PD Cluster.
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Telephone: 09 524 6019 ext 707
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About me

Hello I am the DP at Baradene College, I am also the Project Director for the- Baradene St Peters ICT PD Cluster.

My role included overseeing the Student Support Team responsible for pastoral care and wellbeing of our students.   To support the work done by the team, I worked closely with our Database Administrator to ensure our Student Management System - KAMAR is used in a way that informs the Deans and teachers as they support our students to achieve educational excellence.    I oversee leadership development opportunities for the students and guide the Student Executive (Prefects). My role has evolved as the needs of the college have changed and I now oversee ICT PD and ICT strategic directions. 

As the Project Director for the ICT PD Cluster, I act on behalf to the cluster in dealing with the Ministry of Education within the scope of the contract.  I oversee planned and strategic professional development programmes which meet the objectives of the contract while supporting the Lead Teachers and the e-Learning facilitator. Our cluster is in the third year of the contract.

 As Senior Leader in charge of ICT I implement the BOT strategy as it relates to ICT.  I work with the staff to develop a shared vision for ICT at Baradene and the use of Ultranet - our Learning Management System within the college.  A large part of the role is to ensure our infrastructure is capable of delivering a 21st Century learning experience for our students.  The consultation and collaboration with an IT specialist company is  hugely supportive of this role.

 I am also the Senior Leader Liaison for the PE and Mathematics faculty and the library. 

 Personal Profile:

I am a teacher of 22 years and in my fourth year on the Senior Leadership Team at Baradene.  Before joining Saint Kentigern College, an Independent Presbyterian College in Auckland, I was a member of the Senior Leadership Team of Newton High in South Africa, where I was responsible for pastoral care and social welfare. I have always taught Mathematics and have had a vested interest in ICT even teaching the subject when necessary. At St Kentigern College I was appointed to the position of NCEA co-ordinator and Head of Middle School Mathematics as well as one of the Deans.  I was appointed to my current role at Baradene in 2008.

I am married and my husband, Theo and I , have two children.  Brendan 17, in Year 12 at Botany Downs Secondary College and Danielle 21, at The University of Auckland majoring in Accounting and International Business.

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  • Jane Armstrong Bos

    Kia ora and welcome to Enabling e-Learning Theresa. Good to have you on board. I'd like to invite you to pop into the sub-communities listed on the main Enabling e-Learning page. You can browse current discussions in the specialised groups [/pg/groups/118255/enabling-elearning/]. The weekly e-learning round-up is on the blog [/pg/blog/owner/group:118255].
    Ngā mihi nui, nā Jane

  • Karen Spencer

    Kia ora, Theresa - just to let you know that I have referenced your recent posts on Sharepoint in this thread - /mod/threaded_forums/topicposts.php?topic=685799&group_guid=53310&post_view=new#685820 - your expertise may be invaluable here so any further input would be much appreciated:-) Many thanks, Karen

  • John Phelps

    Hi Theresa
    Hope all is going well with the cluster. Are any of your tem going to Ulearn?

  • Tessa Gray

    Hi there Theresa and welcome to the VLN :)

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