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Mobile phone: 0211627526
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I am a teacher with responsibility for teaching English to bilingual and multilingual learners at Ormiston Senior College in Auckland

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  • Linda Barlow

    Hi Simon, I thought it might be you! Glad you're still in NZ and have found your niche. Nice to read your helpful comments/advice/suggestions on the vln.

  • Breda Matthews

    Welcome to the English Language unit standards group. Great to have you on board.

  • Karen Spencer

    HI Simon, I have seen your comment in the Help groups....will get to it later today. Hope that's ok:-) Cheers, Karen

  • Tessa Gray

    Haere mai and welcome Simon to the Enabling e-Learning parent group, as well as the teaching and professional learning groups. Good to have you on board. 

    You may also be interested in the other sub-communities listed on the main Enabling e-Learning page too, to browse current discussions in the specialised groups, go to [http:///groups/profile/118255/enabling-e-learning]. 

    We hope you can join us in the term 3 activities [/blog/view/694896/whats-on-in-term-3] and that you enjoy the weekly e-learning round-up on the blog [/blog/group/118255/all].

    Looking forward to working with you online. Ngā mihi nui, nā Tessa.

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