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  • Shelley Muston

    Hi Sally,
    Glad the MST course is going well. I was invited to do it, but decided this year was not a suitable year, as I am leading the staff in papers 349/714 (doing the postgrad myself), and am going overseas for 3 weeks later this term, then acting principal in Term 3. Thought doing that training on top of all that would be a big ask! I am doing the Alim thing here - just starting anew group. I've found, though, that the learning is not necessarily sustained over the long term - I have 3 children I took last year back in my group now. Disappointing - they had done so well. What have you found?
    I'd be interested in hearing about what the MST training entails.Am down at Morningside evry fortnight with Ali - may catch up with you there one day?!

  • Catriona Chrystall

    Hi Sally,
    Great results. My group is going really well. I have had 2 children leave the group though, I originally had 7 children all at Stage 5 in Add/Sub but all over the place in other areas. One child was taken out because he had missed a whole week at the start and also was way behind the others (my advisor agreed he should be taken out), the second one basically removed herself (I think she was finding it too hard and was scared of failing so she just didn't try and was taking a lot of time trying to get her to do anything.)
    Anyway the rest of the group are humming along. Already moved to Stage 6 in Add/Sub and Mult/Div and making huge improvements in Place Value. Basic Facts is still holding a couple of children back. We are working on Proportions and Ratios now. Only 3 weeks to go though. I am already planning on working with a group of 4 Year 2s and one Year 3 next term.

  • gaylene harrison

    Thanks Sally at hope to get going again soon but I never have a set time

  • Catriona Chrystall

    Hi Sally,
    I have completed all the NUMPA testing (my group of 3 Y6 and 4 Y7 came out at Stage 5 in Add / Sub but mixture through the other domains) and have PAT tested 6 of the 7 (so far range from stanine 2 through to 6).
    I know I have 4 children that should really take off but 3 will probably need a bit more help. I am currently in the process of getting my resources together and putting displays up on my office wall in anticipation of my group starting.

  • Tracey Alison

    Finally got a chance to add you YAY :-)

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