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Rupert Atkinson

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English and ESL teacher at Whangarei Boys' High School.

A project I have been working on since 2012 is teaching is using Paul Nation's 1000 and 2000 vocabulary lists to improve the speaking and listening, and reading and writing skills of my students. I have taught this in Japan, Korea, and New Zealand. I have switched a few words between the two lists to make the 1000 more useable for low ability ESL students and have various texts that I use for teaching the four skills.

My aim is to teach all or most of the grammar of English using the basic 1000. Students that make it through the 2000 can read most children's books and can learn more vocabulary simply by reading more books, just as native speakers do.

Once the teacher becomes familiar with the 1000, it becomes much easier to communicate with the students. Setting the 1000 as a target makes it an achievable outcome. Students know what has to be learned and can get on with it. Once finished, they know what they have learned and can help others. When the students understand this, they become very keen and will learn vocabulary without even being asked to do so.

Non-proactive students might need a further directed program of learning using 3000 or 4000 + academic word lists but my aim has been to encourage students to read more and more such that they learn vocabulary naturally, in much the same way that native speakers do.

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