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Roger Sommerville

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  • Judi Lawrence

    hI Roger
    I registered for the E learning webinar on Oct 31; how do I get ready to be a part of that online formun at school? I may have missed some follow up information once registered?

  • Kay Lowe

    Hi Roger I am having trouble accessing the postings into Term 3. Could you please help

  • Steve Te Whaiti

    Kia ora Roger, I'm having some trouble with Term 2 context. Thought I was in the group- tried to check but not having much luck. Could you help please

  • Fiona Donnelly

    Hi Roger.I thought I was already in term 2 as I've made some postings there 2 weeks ago but I can't get in now. HELP!!

  • Liz Wood

    Hi Roger. Appreciate that my urgency is not your problem. And the garden is a great place to be. Thanks for signing me on. Have a great week.

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