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Robyn Foster

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I am a Secondary Literacy Adviser working for School Support Services, University of Waikato in Tauranga.

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  • Dee Reid

    Hola Robyn! Well, the conference is over now and whew...what a week!
    It's been fantastic, but very hectic, I've been wanting to get to as many presentations as possible, but the distance, the language barrier/s and the sheer fact that time is not endless...means I have only managed to get to a few each day, but it truly has been great!
    The conference closing ceremony was really cool, and we got to travel to Mach Picchu for the day yesterday - a very long day - but oh! What an amazing place - I can't type all the details, so look forward to telling you about it. I am looking forward to coming home though, so packing bags soon, fly to Chile at 6am tomorrow (2 flights) then home the following evening! Lovely to hear form you! Till soon, xox Dee

  • Karen Spencer

    Hi Robyn, I have checked the video and it is working fine so....try clearing your browser's cache; try a different browser (are you using Firefox?); check what security you have your browser set to...get back to me if none of this works. Alternatively, you can contact site admin on help@vln.school.nz :-) Good luck! (this has happened to others, btw, and they worked through the steps above and managed to watch it...so you are not alone;-)

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