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Rachel Whalley

Brief description: VLN Primary Co-ordinator
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Twitter username: @rache65, @vlnprimary

About me

I am the ePrincipal for the VLN Primary online schools and foundation Council Member and past Secretary for the VLN CommunityI have previously worked with Core Education as a facilitator and mentor in the VPLD programme, and ePrincipal of TaraNet Secondary Cluster. 

My experiences with elearning stem back to my teacher training days, when in 1997 I was accepted into Massey University’s first fully online Bachelor of Teaching Programme. I found that learning online not only opens up access and opportunities to learning but can be just as rich and interactive as face to face education. Since this time I have been instilled with a passion for elearning that has continued to shape my professional pathways.

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  • Tessa Gray

    Hi Rachel, I'm loving the latest post on what's available for students virtually. Is there a way for individual children to access these opportunities, if their class/school doesn't?

  • Moana Timoko

    Yay thanks. Cool!!!!

  • Moana Timoko

    Hi Rachel - For some reason I can't see the image you posted here: /discussion/view/814536 about the e-learning quotes etc. It could be from my end...but I'm wondering if you can see it...and no one else???? Did you embed the image? Is it available to be viewed by the public? I'll wait to hear back from you - thanks.

  • Monika Kern

    Hi Rachel thanks for your advice, have registered myself at your site and somehow ended up enrolling myself in German lol (it's actually my mother tongue so that's not a problem really). I would like to have a look around to see how things are working on moodle, before requesting a space. How do I best go about this looking around? Many thanks, Monika

  • Alex Wallace

    Thanks Rachel Ill keep that in mind, the history of recording would be a great topic to do with primary students in an e-Learning environment. Thanks and will keep in touch!

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