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Bernard Peterson

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  • Toni Twiss

    Hey Bernard! great Pic! and great to see you rounding up the Coalface troops! You are also able to start a discussion within the cluster groups which might be a good way of generating some chatter between cluster teachers.

  • Catriona Chrystall

    Hi Bernard,
    I have set up a group which I will invite you to join. It is all to do with my appraisal goals. I thought it would be an easy way for us to keep in touch.
    Other than that, the Teacher Action Inquiry is on the go. We are going to have one teacher share at each staff meeting. I shared yesterday and got some good ideas from my teachers. Enough to keep me going for a month before I have to share again.

  • Bernard Peterson

    Hi Catriona. What are you guys doing? I know that you have a lot happening because I have read it on posterous. Want to share?

  • Bernard Peterson

    Come on all you Coalface lurkers join up so that we can share all the great things that this cluster is achieving.

  • Tessa Gray

    Gorgeous smile Bernard - as always :)

  • Tessa Gray

    Awesome Bernard, ask me anything, I'll always find someone who can help LOL! Now, I see you still look like you're on the 'witness protection' programme hehe. Maybe some info or even an avatar?

  • Bernard Peterson

    Hi Tess. I think I am too wrinkly for a photo - just picture me as I was way back when!!!!!!
    Been on the VLN site and at present working with all the lead teachers getting them on.
    Have lots of questions coming about the milestone template. The ones we can't work out answers to we will seek your help, particularly 3.3

  • Tessa Gray

    Also, if you need any help getting started in the VLN, go to /pg/groups/25604/getting-started-on-the-vln/

  • Tessa Gray

    Hi there Bernard, so good to 'see' you again - mind due, can't tell what you look like now-a-days? I love the fact our paths keep crossing.

    The network in the VLN is growing fast and I'm here to help as the online facilitator. You and your clusters would be most interested in joining ICT PD Online, just go to /pg/groups/27633/ict-pd-online/ and request to join.

    Look forward to chatting again soon.

  • Mary Loveless

    Yes, definitely. A good life has lots to do with good wine, food and friends. By the way you and Gail must come and see our house sometime. Give us a call 8546992

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