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Annemarie Hyde

We are a laptop school but now want to get a tablet for every room.I'm an Apple girl but we have HP. Android tablets are cheaper.Your likes?


Brief description: I am deputy principal and e_learning leader at Mokoia intermediate. In 2013 Terms 3 and 4 I was seconded to work .4 as a BeL facilitator. I am co-starter for #connectedrotorua and cohost of #educamprotovegas.
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I was a high school English teacher for ten years before retraining in primary after my three daughters were born.  I've been lead teacher of maths, and run a digital unit. Now I'm DP at an intermediate where I'm in charge of curriculum and assessment, lead teacher for literacy and the person who fixes the computers. I want to get teachers passionate about e_learning but know that things like national standards and hardware problems and limits cause a lot of road blocks for people.

I have been part of three ict pd clusters, the last one as a "internal" facilitator or maybe administrator and milestone writer and collator. For Term 3 and 4 2013 I was seconded to be a BeL facilitator for Te Toi Tupu for .4 of my week. 

I am a past chairperson of the AP/DP Network, co-starter for #connectedrotorua and cohost of #educamprotovegas and Eduignite Rotorua.  We also held the inaugural Educamp Minecraft.


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George Couros

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