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meredith parkin

Brief description: art teacher and learner
Telephone: 03 689 8920
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  • Sam Cunnane

    Good to see another art geek online :-)

  • meredith parkin

    hmm, wish I was playing around with alternatives, would love to get in a darkroom, but not one in sight I'm afraid...I've got some gear up in wellington but havn't got around to setting anything up! I was wondering when someone would revive polaroid..my cameras are gathering dust and I am saving the one or two films I have for something special. exciting, will have to look into it.

  • Sam Cunnane

    Lizzie says hi, and to ask if you're still playing round with alternative photography. Seems like we might have to have a chat - I'm a bit of a fan of pinhole, and my students and I have just discovered The Impossible Project (a revival of Polaroid products).

  • Merryn Dunmill

    Hi Meredith and others - join the Visartspd Online Level 2 BPW at /pg/groups/88196/visartspd-online-level-2-video-conference-workshop-forum/

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