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Megan Stewart

I am looking for a group particularly for SENCO. Does anyone know of one? Thanks


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Twitter username: 2eytmegan

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  • Tessa Gray

    Hi Megan, have you received any replies to your query on Comic life and inspiration?

    I have collated a top ten ideas resource with links to Visual learning through organizers, maps and words (http://toptenideas.wikispaces.com/Visual+learning) and Creating artistically (http://toptenideas.wikispaces.com/Creating+artistically) - which may be of some help. Smiles, Tess:-)

  • Karen Spencer

    Hi Megan, Just saw your question come through on the Wire re: Comic LIfe. If you post this question in a new discussion thread in Enabling e-Learning:Technologies [/pg/groups/53310/elearning-technology/] it will be seen by quite a few more folk who might be able to help:-) Happy to assist if required:-) Cheers, Karen

  • Karen Spencer

    Nice to 'meet' you, Megan. Can you add some more professional details/image to your profile - I'd like to know who I'm connecting with! :-) Cheers, Karen

  • chrissy

    Kia ora Megan
    Welcome to the VLN . Now you can start networking with other Area Schools around ICT.. Dont forget Kathe will be in your school on Thursday Karyn has the times.

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