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Keith Scroggins

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Hi all. I am one of two Deputy Princiopals at Henderson South School in West Auckland. We are a Decile 2 school predominantly Pasifika and Maori. We have six Europeans on the role.  We have three bi lingual Samoan classes as we are almost 50% Samoan. This is followed by Tongan, Cook Island and the other Pasific nations. Our school is an amazing school and being the first low decile school I have worked in I thoroughly enjoy the zest for life these children have. 

My normal area of responsibilty is the Junior School but am currently managing the Senior school whilst my colleague is on a Wolf Fisher Study leave.

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  • Robyn Wood

    Hi Keith
    Lovely to hear from you. I had noticed some of your posts coming through so good on you for getting on to it. I haven't started my inquiry yet as I was still firming up exactly on what it was. I had my PLG day on Monday and have spent the past two days in Wellington at a MOE conference for accelerated learning in literacy. This is going to be my inquiry and it has been great to have been away and found out exactly what I need to do and to have the time to plan it. I will start my actual work on the inquiry next term and will spend the next couple of weeks setting up for this - working with the staff and the parents of the children I am targeting. I know what you mean re. time though- life is certainly busy! I ended up being stranded in Wellington for an extra day due to fog closing the air port and to make matters worse ended up having 1.5 weeks off school at the beginning of the year by unexpectedly ending up in hospital - so life has been just a little frantic this term. I have virtually stopped reading the discussions posted on the VLN - too overwhelming in a busy world and think I have pretty much done the mandatory posts now anyway. Will keep an eye out for you at the hui in Auckland - be nice to meet you in person. Cheers Robyn :)

  • Robyn Wood

    Hi Keith
    Hopefully you get this as I have not used this message board before. If you start on your main dashboard page, click on Term 1 School Contexts (left hand side of screen). Click again on Term 1 School Contexts (left hand side and listed under The Multi-faceted Role of ...). This should take you to a page where you can down the Module 1. It has all of the readings and links to them on the pages. Also if you click on the task tracker (directly under module 1) you can down load this. It is a very helpful document to help you keep track of what you have done and need to do. Hope this helps - it is a case of the blind leading the blind but I think I'm onto it now. Good luck and yell out if you need other help. Cheers Robyn Wood :)

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